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LA, I love you

You would think that after living in Los Angeles for 4.5 years, I would have played the tourist card a long time ago….nope! While I was there last week, I decided to do just that! First stop was window shopping (and maybe some actual shopping) on Melrose Avenue, while stopping to take in the wall art. I love the Paul Smith pink wall!


IMG_9448  Dress – Free People; Sandals – Lord & Taylor; Bag – Onna Ehrlich
Sunglasses – Maui Jim; Rings – BCBG

Next stop was the Made in LA wall! Despite being made in the Midwest, I can’t help but feel I belong in this place…California has been the only other place that makes me feel at home!

IMG_9422 Dress – Free People; Sandals – Lord & Taylor; Bag – Onna Ehrlich
Sunglasses – Maui Jim; Rings – BCBG

As I wandered up and down Melrose Avenue, just trying to kill some time, I came across this spot. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful alley way…I had found my own secret garden! All it needed was a table and chair and I totally would have plopped myself down with my juice and book.


IMG_9439 Sunglasses – Maui Jim

Last but not least, I had been wanting to hit Magnolia Bakery for their infamous Hummingbird cake forever! Knowing I was going to dinner soon after, I figured I would just eat half of it and save the other. Guess what happened? That plate may as well have been licked clean! I’m glad that I did sit down to enjoy it though because I wouldn’t have noticed the angel wings wall outside!


IMG_9454Dress – Free People; Sandals – Steve Madden; Bag – Botkier
Sunglasses – Maui Jim; Rings – BCBG

Overall, my solo day trip to Los Angeles was a success! I wish I had been able to see and do so much more, but that just means I have to head back out there sooner…or move?! Who knows what the future has in store!

Until next time….stay golden!

xo, GoldieLegs