Le Motto


I am rubber, you are glue. Whatever you say, bounces off of me and sticks to you!

Yes, I did just use a comeback I learned in the second grade. Don’t judge because it is applicable to all ages and in all verbally violent moments! We are living in a world where bullying occurs both in person and virtually now…it’s sad to say, but words can and do hurt, a lot of people. Designer of Le Motto, Vaiana, experienced it all first hand while growing up, but it is exactly what inspired her to create her brand. She turned her pain into her passion and career! She, in fact, did ‘rise above it‘.

Le Motto is a brand that revolves around the power of words and how they affect people. This brand stands for positivity, power, and faith. Positive messages to promote happiness, power for strength, and faith to remind those who are struggling that there is a rainbow after the storm. Vaiana believes in ‘changing the world, one word at a time’. On top of promoting hope and happiness through her brand, she also donates part of the proceeds to aid kids suffering from violent events. Another reason this is one of my favorite brands is that it stands for female empowerment. Vaiana also has a collection called ActuallySheCan. It’s for women who are ‘strong, smart, and driven’. It’s for women who aren’t afraid to go for what they really want out of life. Could she be any more amazing?!

Check out both Le Motto and ActuallySheCan for some cute apparel, positive reinforcement, and more!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

For outfit details, click below both what I’m wearing and others similar. You can find the ‘Rise above it’ tee HERE.