Devour Indy’s Art


Devour Downtown is back from now through February 7th, and everyone is ready to go! But before you plan the typical dinner and movie date, why not check out what else Indianapolis has to offer? There are festivals, concerts, shows, shopping, and so much more. My recommendation would be to visit the art galleries…iMOCA to be exact!

iMOCA (Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art) is such a neat place with a great story to go along. It is the only museum in the area that focuses solely on contemporary art. They used to operate as a “museum without walls”, placing exhibits throughout Indianapolis at venues such as the Stutz and Key Cinemas. Now there are two locations: one is located on Virginia Avenue at The Murphy, the second is at The Alexander on CityWalk. What’s best about these places? THEY’RE FREE!!! I repeat everyone, admission into these museums are FREE! Also, they are super close to all those restaurants you’ll be eating at over the next week and a half…*wink wink*

I had the pleasure of viewing Marco Querin’s iconic show called ‘There is a Child in Me’. It worked out perfectly with the styling for a shoot that photographer, Kameron Casey, and I went with. Fashion and art go hand in hand, and this was no exception. (Check out the photos below)

If you won’t take me word for just how neat these museums are, see for yourselves! iMOCA, you get the golden heel this week!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

  1. Indianapolis is a great city with so much to offer. Great restaurants, wonderful museums, theatre and sports.

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