Don’t Mess With Texas

Hi babes!

This past week, I had a quick work trip in Austin, Texas. I know I’m much more of a city girl generally speaking, but being from Indiana, there’s always something about the south and midwest that brings a sense of calm and comfort to me. Texas was just that, and I loved it!

The entire trip was a quick turnaround from Wednesday to (way too) early on Friday morning. It went even quicker because I unfortunately fell sick that morning and spent literally the entire day in bed. On a positive note, the Airbnb I stayed in was beyond cute! Painted with dark teal walls, contemporary style furniture, and decorated with bright, colorful printed accent pieces, this is every boho-chic lover’s dream.

Luckily, day two I was up feeling much better and was able to get out of the apartment and on the town! I was there filming, so while I got to play some, the work had to be done. We started out at Terry Black’s BBQ! You all know I don’t eat meat (I heard it was delicious though!), but even the sides and desserts I was able to try were so yummy! Shoutout to the amazing hospitality from Terry Black’s BBQ!

Next, I was off to scooter around downtown, where I grabbed some vegan ice cream, walked across a beautiful bridge (wish I could remember the name of…ha!), and more! After a running around for a bit, it was back to the Airbnb to rest a bit and get cleaned up for dinner!

To end the night, I went to the cutest farm-to-table restaurant called Emmer & Rye with a few friends. It’s all smaller, shareable plates, so naturally we got one of everything! My favorite dish was their avocado, wild Chile pequin pastor, butternut, lime leaf oil, radish, swiss chard…so refreshing and the sauce was everything! Another highly recommended place if you are in the downtown Austin area though!

Well, that wraps up my time in Austin, seeing as I such a short window! Now to figure out my next ventures!

Until next time…stay golden!

xx, Goldielegs

Girls Gone Coastal – Part II

Hello SLO!

We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express at 9:00 p.m. and were glad to check in! This hotel changed to the Kinney SLO in September but we were lucky to get one of the renovated rooms. Really fun and trendy décor and wonderful location that is pretty close to downtown.

We tossed our stuff in our room and headed out to find someplace for dinner. Since it was close to 10:00 p.m. options were limited so we landed at Eureka! It’s a small chain of restaurants and yummy! Shout out to the bartender who makes a mean jalapeno margarita. The veggie beef fresno fig burger was awesome too!

Morning came too soon but we were ready for the day with lots to accomplish on the last leg of our trip. Best part? Mom surprised me by saying that she had decided that we were NOT going to stay in my apartment in LA, where she would have my bed and I would have an air mattress. She had booked a hotel in Marina Del Ray for us before she went to sleep…YAY!

First stop of the day was downtown SLO (that’s what they call it). A cool college town, with great shopping and boutiques. We had to make a quick stop at a boutique we passed called 2 Blondes Boutique, well…because we’re blondes, why else?

But one main attraction was Bubblegum Alley. An entire alley where people have stuck pieces of gum.  It’s artistic but also beyond gross!  Fun, but the OCD in me needed hand sanitizer every two feet just in case you bump something.

And we couldn’t leave without a stop at the infamous Madonna Inn. Our plan had been to stay there, but it was sold out. Ultimately we were happy with our location and hotel.

Madonna Inn is the ultimate in kitsch. While we didn’t visit the rooms, the restaurant (and the restrooms) provided a good idea of what we missed. Flowers everywhere. Pink everywhere. And more pink…and more flowers. This place is like a step back in time to the 50’s. While visiting, we had a piece of their famous champagne cake. So good! A little like an Italian wedding cake.

Back in the car and its off toward Santa Barbara wine country. We went inland a little rather than stay along the 1, with a short stop in Solvang, a fun Danish town with a windmill and everything! Lots of tourists here and has a cute little main street area with shops and restaurants.

Wine! That was the next stop. We randomly picked a wintery that received good reviews, the Beckmen Vineyards in Los Olivos. After a stop at the local grocery for some picnic goodies, we arrived with our snacks in hand. The grounds are lovely and we sampled several wines, leaving with two bottles of a red that we had plans for later in the evening.

As we headed toward Santa Barbara, we didn’t realize the scenery would be just as awesome as driving along Highway 1. Going through the San Marcos Pass and Los Padres National Forest gives a new meaning to the word wonder. We were 2000 ear popping feet in the air, literally drove through a cloud at one point.

With canyons and mountains all around us, it is a dizzying effect and stunning.

As you clear the pass, you pretty much arrive in Santa Barbara. Another beautiful town with a Spanish history, Santa Barbara offers a lot to visitors. Our first stop was to the Mission Santa Barbara. A lovely piece of history, the mission still serves the community as a parish church, which I think is so cool.

Then it was downtown for a bite to eat and a little shopping. They have these beautiful steps with tiles that are part of the mall area there. And did I mention the shopping?

Our final stop was at the beach for some pictures at a sculpture there. Again. we crashed some newlyweds taking photos. We have a knack for that.

A nice stroll on the pier and the beach and we were on to our final destination, (with a quick stop at my apartment to toss all my luggage into my room) the Marina Del Ray Hotel. This is a lovely hotel with great customer service, good bath products (Molton Brown), and a really good restaurant (Salt) where you can sit next to the marina and watch the boats (and the barking seals hopping onto the piers)

So good! Our ground floor room had a patio that went straight to the marina. It was 10:00 p.m. but we walked around enjoying the warm weather…and a glass of wine from the winery. We were staying for two days and looking forward to a day of hanging around the pool, watching the boats go in and out, while I worked. Yes, you heard that. I worked all day on Monday and Tuesday from the pool. As my mom said, “Hard to get better.”

And so ends our wonderful mother daughter “girls gone coastal” trip as we called it.

I highly recommend that you put this drive on your bucket list. It offers a wonderful appreciation of our country and its beauty, and a reminder that there are still parts of nature that have changed in centuries.

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

Girls Gone Coast – Part I

Off we went on our girls trip as I relocated from San Francisco back home to Los Angeles! Just mama J and me…and my car so packed that we could barely squeeze in. But oh so much fun ensued!

Our first official stop was Carmel, a beautiful little town with some great shopping. It’s the quaintest sea side town with lovely buildings of colors that blend with the sun and sky just like an English fairy tale. We didn’t spend a lot of time there but enjoyed walking around and enjoying the vibe. Some places to check out if we have a chance to go again would be the From Scratch restaurant and La Bicyclette. I’m a vegetarian and From Scratch has some yummy options. My mom loves French food and put that one on her list. And we would have liked to spend some time at the mission, but…until next time, Carmel!

Back on the road to the 17 Mile Drive…There are just no words other than amazingly beautiful. While there is a fee of $10.25 per car to access the area, you get a great map so you can stay on course. And if you spend $35 at the restaurants, your fee is reimbursed…if you remember to tell them. We didn’t.

You may know that this area is the home of the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament. In fact there was a tournament going on the day we were there!  We arrived there just in time for lunch and decided we were starving. After a call to the customer relations folks to talk restaurants, we decided on Roy’s Restaurant. According to them, the views were magnificent. Oh my, we were seated outside overlooking the The Links at Spanish Bay golf course and the ocean. Simply unbelievable and stunning! You must check it out if you take the drive. Pictures don’t do it justice, and if I golfed, I would be a regular. How stunning is this view?

And now, let’s talk lunch. For me avocado toast…AH-mazing! For mom, the Banana Mac-Nut Pancakes. She barely shared a bite! It was that good. To stay a little healthy, we added the Tropical Fruit bowl with greek yogurt, acai, and lots of fruit. Yum yum yum!

We happily hopped back in the car and headed out toward Big Sur. Armed with a paper copy of mile by mile list of the stops along the way, we were happy that we had that because, be warned…there is no cell service pretty much until you get to San Luis Obispo!

It’s hard to know where to stop for sure because every pull off is another beautiful scene of rocky shores and crashing waves.

Way…way….down below! I sat in the passenger seat a good part of the way and was worried I would be staring over the edge with no buffer, but it wasn’t that bad at all. A few moments are a little unnerving. We were very lucky as there wasn’t a lot of traffic, even though it was a Saturday.

(How beautiful is my mom?!)

As we rounded a corner at one stop, there was a big crowd…The Bixby Bridge! Famous for shots from commercials and the show Big Little Lies. Of course we had to stop! Crashed some brand new newlyweds taking some of their wedding photos. Congrats to them!

A little mother-daughter info….since there is no cell service (we could get one contemporary religious station) there was a lot of singing and laughing with songs on our phone. It was pretty much, sing one song…find a place to stop and take pictures, sing a song, stop again. Oh, snacks on snacks on snacks! What do you think the best salty snack is? Mom goes for Fritos as a second choice because Cheetos are too messy in the car. Mine…still Cheetos 😀

On the next trip, we will build more time in to do some hikes down to the beach. There were at least two spots that would have been ideal and our weather was amazing. You can see just how beautiful everything was from our pictures.

Our final stop before rolling into San Luis Obispo was to see the Elephant Seals. Funniest creatures ever! We just made it as the sun was just setting. My mom would have been crushed if we had missed them. Their elephant nose trunks and the snorting pig noises they make just made us laugh. It was like watching little kids fighting for their space.

Next up….our stop in San Luis Obispo and on to Los Angeles! Stay tuned for part II!

As always, stay golden!

xx, Goldielegs