Flouncy in Floral

Who’s ready for the weekend, raise your hand?! I’m raising mine in case you thought otherwise 🙂

This week, I sat down and looked at some old photos from my modeling days and in the past in general. It’s amazing to see how my style has changed and grown with me! No joke, I refused to wear pants until I was in the first grade. And even then, they were those silly colorful, patterned leggings with a quirky top. In high school and college, I was totally that girl wearing the Hollister skirts that were basically the length of a belt (thanks for the phrase, dad!). My hair was bleached like crazy and I often wore extensions. If I didn’t have a full face of makeup on, I wasn’t leaving the house. I was so extra, yet so basic. Then a few years ago, it was all about black jeans, black tank, black combat boots, and a leather jacket…shave my head and I legit could’ve been confused for a teenage boy! Granted I was living in New York and that was pretty much the “it” outfit for models, it was just so, blah. Now, I’ve finally realized that less is more, and your style truly does reflect you and how people perceive you. That’s where this dress comes in…

Honestly, how good is this?! I’m seriously obsessed! I’m literally showing zero skin and I still feel beyond sexy and confident. It’s perfect for work, happy hour, date night, a wedding, etc. If you love this dress as much as I do, you can find it here at ANOUVO. They have tons of other cute pieces as well! Ruffles and floral print has been the main trend this summer too, so it just gets better and better. I’ll link some of my other favorite under $150 flouncy dresses below to check out too!

As for now, it’s time toss on a pair of heels and hit the town! What’s everyone else doing this weekend?!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs


Velvet Cowgirl

Velvet has been all the rage as of late, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. I’m totally okay with it though because it’s a great material for the colder seasons. It also makes any casual outfit way more glamorous! I knew I should have saved my old velvet leotards from my competitive dance days…oh well, it gave me a reason to buy this super cute flared Free People jacket.

What I love most about this jacket is the detailing. From the bronze buttons to the asymmetrical zipper to the flared bottom, this jacket has it all and can be worn with so many different pieces. I decided to keep it simple though because with a statement jacket, all you REALLY need are a good pair of jeans, a nice white tee, and – cute pair of heeled booties to tie it all together!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

To shop my look, I’ve attached some similar items below!

Devour Indy’s Art


Devour Downtown is back from now through February 7th, and everyone is ready to go! But before you plan the typical dinner and movie date, why not check out what else Indianapolis has to offer? There are festivals, concerts, shows, shopping, and so much more. My recommendation would be to visit the art galleries…iMOCA to be exact!

iMOCA (Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art) is such a neat place with a great story to go along. It is the only museum in the area that focuses solely on contemporary art. They used to operate as a “museum without walls”, placing exhibits throughout Indianapolis at venues such as the Stutz and Key Cinemas. Now there are two locations: one is located on Virginia Avenue at The Murphy, the second is at The Alexander on CityWalk. What’s best about these places? THEY’RE FREE!!! I repeat everyone, admission into these museums are FREE! Also, they are super close to all those restaurants you’ll be eating at over the next week and a half…*wink wink*

I had the pleasure of viewing Marco Querin’s iconic show called ‘There is a Child in Me’. It worked out perfectly with the styling for a shoot that photographer, Kameron Casey, and I went with. Fashion and art go hand in hand, and this was no exception. (Check out the photos below)

If you won’t take me word for just how neat these museums are, see for yourselves! iMOCA, you get the golden heel this week!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs