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Posted by ljansen518

More than ever, local and smaller mom+pop businesses need our support! All of the sales everywhere are still going on, but I wanted to share some small businesses I’ve recently found and fallen in love with. Don’t worry, it’s not all fashion…but there is some of that too 🙂 Whether you’re all about the home decor, ready to get out and travel, or are all into beauty or wellness, I’ve got you! Here are some of my favorites:


  1. Na Nin: all-in-one store, where you’ll want everything (not just the clothes)
  2. Yucca: new & vintage clothing and accessories, and they also donate a portion of sales to environmental initiatives
  3. Avenue: simple, wearable, seasonless clothing, accessories & housewares
  4. Ali Golden: ethical women’s fashion…and oh, so cute!


  1. Naveda: bohemian meets couture jewelry
  2. Lizzie Mandler: timeless and time-specific jewelry
  3. Catbird: ethically sourced and conflict-free gold, diamonds, and more
  4. Soko: women-led, people-first ethical jewelry brand


  1. Tula: skincare built on the power of probiotics & superfoods
  2. Alamar Cosmetics: 100% cruelty-free makeup that celebrates culture
  3. MadHippie: certified vegan + cruelty-free skincare, and $1 from every web-sale dedicated to conservation
  4. UnSun Cosmetics: clean mineral sunscreen for people of all shades


  1. Melissa Wood Health: virtual pilates and low-impact workouts for anytime, anywhere
  2. Skylar: clean fragrance and gives portion of sales towards ‘Step Up’ program
  3. Life Around 2 Angels: homemade bath bombs
  4. Fig + Yarrow: rooted in nature skincare, and they donate 10% of all online sales to animal, human and environmental well-being non-profit organizations


  1. Coming Soon: if you love kitsch, this is your place
  2. Art Room Expo: printable wall art and digital prints
  3. Larks & Leo: macrame plant hangers and wall decor
  4. East Fork: pots made with American South East clay and colored with glazes formulated/mixed in-house
  5. Hem: “imaginative designs of obsessive quality”


  1. Wild Rye: beautiful and technical mountain apparel 
  2. Uncharted: most comprehensive 72-hour survival system 
  3. Sealand Gear: upcycled bags and apparel, handmade in Cape Town

I truly hope you checked out all of these shops…each one has something so unique to offer! If you didn’t go through them all, scroll back up and start over. These aren’t places you’ll want to miss!

Next up are Cyber Week deals, so stay tuned for that tomorrow! Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

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