While I may be dressed like a sassy Greek goddess, I am so ready for Cinco de Mayo! The day Shop Tobi reached out to me, I was beyond excited because there literally isn’t a single item in their collection I don’t love. Seriously, it’s a problem…I’ve acknowledged it and come to terms with it, but I will […]


What’s more Coachella than all things lace and boho style? Absolutely nothing. Whether you’re attending any of the festivals or not, you can still embrace its vibes! Today’s outfit is Coachella inspired, but it’s always something you can wear literally anywhere! This particular dress is really unique. The bottom layer is a super lightweight tan and white bold-striped […]


Remember when your mom tried to convince you the style she wore growing up would come full circle? And remember when you laughed, rolled your eyes, and/or say yeah right? Guess what…you owe her an apology. Sorry mom! Not all things vintage may have made it back around, but there are definitely styles that are […]


“You know nothing Jon Snow…” On a serious note though, this cape has me feeling some type of way. I, too, feel I could rule the seven kingdoms…you better watch your back, Khaleesi. This gorgeous piece is known as the Ilona Cape by SITA Couture. It’s made up of organic plush chenille and is lined […]