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Hat Attack

It’s national hat day! Who doesn’t love a good hat? They’re great for giving every outfit that final piece of attitude. Whether you want to feel chic in a beret, chill in a beanie, or kick back in a dad hat (aka baseball cap), what you choose to wear helps …

OOTD: Fall Trend

Nothing says refusing to give up the summer like transitioning your favorite summer dress into the fall season! I will say, I love that these boots give the outfit a little bit of an edge! Details linked below! Until next time…stay golden! xo, Goldielegs

OOTD: All in the Details

Yves Saint Laurent said ‘fashion comes and goes, but style is forever’, and I couldn’t agree more! There are a lot of trends I’ll hop on the bandwagon for because being a part of the fashion industry means keeping up, or better yet, ahead of the game. However, I love …