Makeup on the Run

Mornings and I don’t typically go well together. I wish they did because I love getting as much done before work as I can. However, some days it just doesn’tĀ happen…and today was one of those days. I literally woke up with ten minutes to throw myself together and leave for work. Naturally, I figured I’d […]

Credo Beauty

Hello, my beauties! If you’re anything like me, keeping a fresh and youthful look is very important. Living in LA, there is a crazy amount of pollution and toxins in the air that our skin absorbs daily. Since I’m not one that feels botox or any other chemical being injected into my face is necessary […]

Color Me Pretty

Festival season is so close…it’s time to start planning your beauty looks! In no way, shape, or form am I a beauty expert, but I do love to play sometimes! While I’m not attending Coachella, I still wanted to show off some simple makeup that would still let you stand out. Today, I went bold […]

Bye Bye Bye

When it comes to bags, the only ones I’m happy to have are shopping bags. Eye bags on the other hand? Be gone!!! Silk Therapeutics LabGrab has just come out with their eye renewal cream. I may notĀ have excess puffiness or dark circles under my eyes daily, but lack of sleep shows drastically on me. […]