Devour Indy’s Art


Devour Downtown is back from now through February 7th, and everyone is ready to go! But before you plan the typical dinner and movie date, why not check out what else Indianapolis has to offer? There are festivals, concerts, shows, shopping, and so much more. My recommendation would be to visit the art galleries…iMOCA to be exact!

iMOCA (Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art) is such a neat place with a great story to go along. It is the only museum in the area that focuses solely on contemporary art. They used to operate as a “museum without walls”, placing exhibits throughout Indianapolis at venues such as the Stutz and Key Cinemas. Now there are two locations: one is located on Virginia Avenue at The Murphy, the second is at The Alexander on CityWalk. What’s best about these places? THEY’RE FREE!!! I repeat everyone, admission into these museums are FREE! Also, they are super close to all those restaurants you’ll be eating at over the next week and a half…*wink wink*

I had the pleasure of viewing Marco Querin’s iconic show called ‘There is a Child in Me’. It worked out perfectly with the styling for a shoot that photographer, Kameron Casey, and I went with. Fashion and art go hand in hand, and this was no exception. (Check out the photos below)

If you won’t take me word for just how neat these museums are, see for yourselves! iMOCA, you get the golden heel this week!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

Fashion in a Winter Wonderland




Around Town Ribbed Knit Dress – $36 (Black Thread Apparel); Faux Leather Moto – $99 (Zara); Over the Knee Leather/Suede Boots – $250 (Sam Edelman)


Namast’ay In Bed Graphic Tee – $28 (Black Thread Apparel);
Distressed Faded Girlfriend Jean – $88 (Express); American Rag Booties – $69.50 (Macy’s)

FullSizeRender (1)

Follow Your Arrow Necklace – $12 (Black Thread Apparel); Sonora Sweater – $48 (Francesca’s); Distressed Faded Girlfriend Jean – $88 (Express); American Rag Booties – $69.50 (Macy’s)


Fashion doesn’t stop for anything…especially not for cold, snowy weather! I remember a few years back in New York, I had a 5AM call time for fashion week with the biggest snowstorm the city had had in a while. It was sleeting like crazy, and yet models, designers, celebrities, bloggers, and everyone else made their way to every show on their list! Luckily this past Thursday was glorious out because I had my shoot for Black Thread Apparel!

Black Thread Apparel is an online clothing and accessories boutique that was started up by sisters, Alisha and Sasha Carandang. Their boutique has a bit of everything: basic tanks, casual tees, sweaters, outerwear, dresses, jewelry, and more. What I love most about this company is that each piece they have can be dressed up or down, made feminine or edgy.

What’s your go to outfit for a warm, sunny day in the middle of winter? Leave me some comments below!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs

Beauty Has No Age

La beauté n’a pas d’âge….Beauty has no age.

Recently, I came into contact with a company asking if I would be willing to try their skincare products. I am pretty careful about my skin, as it can erupt at a moment’s notice. However, after reading up, I decided to take a chance on it. This skincare line, Bioxidea is a natural anti-aging skincare line that was developed in Paris in 2008. Every one of their products are 100% sulfate and paraben-free. While I hadn’t heard of it before, I am beyond happy that they reached out to me because it has easily become my new love! I can honestly say that I FEEL wonderful in my skin!

Below are my before and after selfies of how my skin is progressing, followed by the products and prices that I use daily. I also posted a photo of one of the packages you can buy! Be sure to check them out at!

What I use:

Covering Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel – $59
Multi-Emulsion Moisturizer – $74
Outline Saver Eye & Lip Anti-Wrinkle Serum – $59
B.B.+B Blemish Balm – $59
Miracle48 Excellence Gold Face & Body Lift Mask – $74

Don’t waste any more money on all those expensive laser treatments. Invest in Bioxidea! Your skin will tank me!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs


I said YES!!!


Ok, so I may not have said yes to THE dress, but I said yes to modeling several of them!

It was a dream come true…especially since I’m a single gal! When my friend Adrienne Love bought The Wedding Studio and called to ask if I would model some dresses, I couldn’t get there fast enough. A chance to play dress up in wedding gowns? I’m so there! This wonderful boutique store, located at Clay Terrace in Carmel, Indiana is so charming with staff that truly loves and knows how to make a girl feel special. If you’re looking for a simply stunning gown and sparkling accessories, The Wedding Studio is the place to go!

Needless to say…they made me look and feel like a princess bride I hope to be one day!

Until next time…stay golden!

xo, Goldielegs